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Welcome to Parenting Formula's Anger Management for Toddlers Course!

Are you a parent struggling to handle your toddler's tantrums? Do you find yourself overwhelmed and unsure of how to effectively manage your child's anger? You're not alone. Parenting can be challenging, especially when it comes to navigating the emotional ups and downs of your little one. But fear not, because help is here!

Introducing Parenting Formula's Anger Management for Toddlers Course, a comprehensive 10-episode online program designed to equip you with the knowledge, strategies, and techniques to effectively manage your child's anger and create a harmonious home environment.

Your Instructor: Mariam Medhat - A Trusted Expert in Parenting Coaching

Led by the esteemed Mariam Medhat, a renowned life coach and parenting coach with both master's and Bachelor’s degree in Counseling Psychology from SouthWest college,USA and a certified Positive Discipline educator, this course brings together her expertise and years of experience working with parents just like you. Mariam understands the unique challenges parents face when it comes to anger management in toddlers, and she is here to guide you every step of the way.

Through Parenting Formula, one of the earliest founded parenting platforms in Egypt with 10+ years of experience Mariam has:

  • Done 7000+ hours of training/coaching
  • Trained in 7 cities in Egypt 
  • Trained in Egypt, UAE, USA 
  • Trained 18k+ trainees 
  • Ran 100+ workshops and sessions.
  • Done 10s of tv interviews.
  • Founded the podcast “Kelma ma3 Mariam Medhat”
  • Coached employees in 23+ multinationals all over Egypt.

What are You Going to Learn

Episode 1: Introduction to Tantrums

In this foundational episode, Mariam will help you understand the nature of tantrums and why they occur. You'll gain insights into the emotional world of your toddler and learn how to differentiate between typical behavior and concerning patterns. By the end of this episode, you'll be equipped with a solid understanding of tantrums and their underlying causes.

Episode 2: Terrible Twos

Ah, the notorious "terrible twos" phase! In this episode, Mariam will dive deep into the developmental stage of toddlerhood and explore how it contributes to anger and frustration. You'll learn practical strategies to navigate this challenging period with empathy and understanding, fostering a healthy emotional development for your child.

You will also learn why is this stage called terrible twos based on the unmet psychological needs that kids have at this stage and how can you navigate around the stage and cross it with minimum challenges.

Episode 3: My Child's Brain

Understanding your child's brain is crucial in effectively managing their anger. In this episode, Mariam will take you on a fascinating journey through the inner workings of your toddler's brain. You'll discover how brain development affects emotions, self-regulation, and behavior. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be empowered to support your child's emotional growth. We dig deep into the Brain in the palm theory in this episode and learn how we can use the Freeze reaction rather than the automatic Fight or Flight mode that makes us react in ways that we regret later on.

Episode 4: Reasons Why Our Kids Tantrum

Have you ever wondered why your child throws tantrums in specific situations? Episode 4 will explore the common triggers for toddler tantrums and provide valuable insights into the underlying reasons behind their behavior. Mariam will guide you in identifying these triggers and offer practical strategies to address them proactively.

You will start getting introduced to the two different kinds of tantrums and learn the tricks and tools needed to understand if this is an upstairs or a downstairs tantrum. A realization we are sure will be a great Aha moment for you as a parent.

Episode 5: Upstairs Tantrum

Upstairs tantrums, or those that occur in response to emotional triggers, can be particularly challenging to handle. In this episode, Mariam will delve into the dynamics of upstairs tantrums and equip you with effective tools to manage and diffuse these emotionally charged situations. You'll gain a deeper understanding of your child's emotions and learn strategies to promote emotional regulation and start building on the emotional intelligence you child needs.

Episode 6: Downstairs Tantrum

Downstairs tantrums, which are rooted in physical discomfort or sensory overload, require a different approach. In this episode, Mariam will help you recognize the signs of downstairs tantrums and provide practical techniques to address them. You'll discover how to create a calming environment and meet your child's sensory needs to prevent and manage these types of tantrums.

Episode 7: Making Agreements

Creating clear boundaries and expectations is crucial for healthy anger management. In this episode, Mariam will guide you in establishing agreements with your child, fostering a sense of cooperation and understanding. You'll learn effective communication techniques and negotiation strategies that encourage positive behavior and reduce tantrums. Finally, you will be able to make agreements that work and that your child keeps.

Episode 8: Techniques and Tips

Ready to dive into a toolbox of proven techniques and expert tips? Episode 8 is all about practical applications. Mariam will

share a range of effective strategies to manage anger, diffuse tantrums, and promote emotional well-being in your child. From breathing exercises to redirection techniques, you'll have a wealth of tools at your disposal.

Episode 9: Training Our Child's Mind Towards Growth

Building resilience and emotional intelligence is a vital aspect of anger management for toddlers. In this episode, Mariam will explore the power of mindset and teach you how to cultivate a growth-oriented perspective in your child. You'll discover how to promote positive self-talk, encourage problem-solving skills, and foster emotional resilience.

Episode 10: Use It or Lose It

As the course nears its end, Mariam will leave you with valuable insights on how to sustain the progress you've made. In this final episode, you'll learn how to reinforce positive behavior, maintain healthy communication, and continue nurturing your child's emotional development. With Mariam's guidance, you'll be well-prepared to handle future challenges confidently.

Are you ready to transform your parenting journey and create a peaceful and loving environment for your toddler? Enroll in Parenting Formula's Anger Management for Toddlers Course today and embark on a transformative learning experience with Mariam Medhat. Gain the knowledge, skills, and support you need to effectively manage your child's anger and set them up for emotional success. Join us now and unlock a brighter future for your family!

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Anger Management for Toddlers

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